We do not all have the same conception of the word “relaxation.” For some people, it’s a matter of spending time at the gym, going to a small blow-dry in the local hair salon, watching movies or enjoying a meal at a restaurant. For others, relaxation means turning on your PC and being enchanted by videos where you see people recording themselves making peculiar but soothing sounds. This way of relaxation is called the ASMR. This technique consists of producing sounds that can be heard in everyday life such as taping, crackling, whispers, patting, or the crumpling of paper … In front of his camera, you will see a person whispering, murmuring , tapping objects in addition to making rather atypical movements. Highly sensitive mics capture the sound in 3D for an almost perfect feeling.

These people swear by this process of automatic response of sensory meridians to have a good time, to have fun and fight anxiety  to the maximum. The ASMR focuses on sensory stimuli. However it is worth saying that it does not work for everyone. It can be effective on some individuals and may not affect others at all. For those who are more sensitive, they can experience chills similar to brain orgasms running from the neck up to the skull, for a feeling of intense well-being.

Does it really deliver its promises?

Today, there are two scientific studies that have tried to prove the effectiveness of the ASMR:

  • The first in 2015 was made by the University of Swansea on the basis of 475 people of which: 98% have chosen ASMR to relax, 13% preferred to use it as a weapon to fight chronic pain, 69% to soothe  depression and 5% to satisfy their sexual urges. In addition, 8 out of 10 people used these videos to have a better quality of sleep and 7 out of 10 adopted them to cope with stress. This study has shown that the ASMR has a positive impact on mood and life in general.
  • The second study to prove its effectiveness was made by the University of Winnipeg in Canada. It has been shown that people sensitive to ASMR have rather special features with a more intense activity of the brain areas relating to memories, pleasure and fantasy and imagination . Watching these videos would also have an impact on mood as it would promote the secretion of serotonin and endogenous morphine. Therefore the ASMR can definitely benefit the brain and loosen up some nerves.

Free, pleasant and especially trendy, the ASMR defines itself as the most popular method of relaxation nowadays.


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