The ASMR and its triggers

The ASMR or automatic responses of the median nerves is a technique of relaxation by sound. Highly popular among by the 2.0 generation, it propels us into a second state to help us heal certain ailments such as stress, fatigue or insomnia. Based on the sound, it brings a pleasure auditory free and accessible to all. It is even said  that this technique provides a very unique cerebral orgasm.

Today, many people swear by this sensory stimulation. Between whispers, creases, murmurs, tapping, there is a multitude of sounds that will captivate and immerse the sensitive ears in a state of intense trance. In addition, the sound is binaural, that is to say, “relating to both ears”. The ASMR recordings thus make it possible to reproduce the natural human auditory perception in order to immerse the viewer in a realistic experience. But what are the most appreciated ASMR sounds? Also called triggers, we will make a point through this article.

Sensory Sound Effects

The Internet opens the doors of ASMR videos as intriguing and relaxing as each other. Sensory sound effects are undoubtedly one of the most appreciated. They combine different sounds such as the scratching of certain textures, the tapping of the nails on cardboard, the noise of a hair dryer, the bursting of the bubble papers, the manipulation of plastic bags, the scratching of a lid or the caresses on a microphone.

Subtle Sounds

  • The Whisper: This is without a doubt the most famous sound when we talk about ASMR. The whisper is either silent or downright incomprehensible, which simply means that you do not have to understand words to relax. Instead, you can fully focus on the sounds or vague words whispering by the host.
  • Scratching and tapping: Scratching on the microphone as tapping on different surfaces are widely used in ASMR recordings. It is important to note that scraping is one of the most powerful ASMR triggers. The tapping of a wooden spoon, the hands on the keyboard or on a plastic bottle, relax many people sensitive to this method of relaxation that is the ASMR.
  • Turning the pages: If you want to relax, listen to an ASMRtist turn the pages of a book to give you a very delicate and pleasant sound. Indeed, it is very relaxing to hear the brushing of the paper, or the cover page of the book slightly turning to reveal the pages. If you happen to be a book lover, you’ll love this trigger.

Unusual Sounds

  • Eating : It is true that it is quite confusing to see a person eating. However, what ASMR enthusiasts appreciate the sound of bloggers chewing their food. In addition, some people eat with elegance and delicacy, for sensitive and exquisite sounds.
  • Fingers clinging: For some individuals, hearing fingers grip certain objects like a balloon or plastic, can provide new sensations that we will not be tired of listening to every day.

We also find for example, the noise of brushes that scratch between them, leaving the tap water color or scratching his nails on a slate. In short, there are a multitude of unusual ASMR sounds that the user can enjoy.

Specialized learning courses

To relax the users, the ASMR offers you to learn foreign languages. Who would not find it pleasurable to hear a beautiful English, French or Italian accent? A pure delight for the ears, soothing for the most sensitive ones.

We can also find private lessons given by whispering. You will discover hypnotic videos on intriguing, mystical and enchanting topics for an even more unique sensory experience. Generally, these hypnosis videos are popular for falling asleep quite quickly. If you have histories of insomnia, you will be able to restore a decent sleeping schedule with the likes of ASMR videos.

Unusual staging

To relax, some triggers take the form of staging and role plays to ensure a better complicity with the interlocutor.

We mostly refer to Personal attention: The ASMRtist and its spectator will forge a real bond with this ASMR trigger. Content creators will try to restore a childhood memory such as a visit to the doctor, or to the grandparents to eat cupcakes, for example. As known personal care, there are also make-up tutorials, or role plays at the hairdresser.

Quickly discover your favorite trigger, make yourself comfortable at home and launch your ASMR video for a moment of pure relaxation.