The ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a really nice feeling that one feels through tingling at the back of the skull. Sounds such as whispers, murmurs or scratches will contribute to a state of well-being in everyday life. There are a lot of people that will regularly post videos on the web to help you loosen up , find inner peace and fall asleep faster. If you are not very convinced by this phenomenon, and if you want to test your degree of sensitivity, you can always download an application among those we propose below.

Different ASMR applications

  • TINGLES ASMR: It is a very trendy application available on both iOS and Android. It offers a truly comprehensive interface and especially intuitive to users. You will see a very detailed list of all ASMRtists, and you will be able to have access to their recordings. It’s up to you to choose the ones you want to download so you can watch them even without the internet connection. In addition you have the ability to listen to videos in the background, schedule a timer and chose a premium subscription for content even more stimulating and relaxing.
  • LOVE ASMR: As passionate about ASMR, you’ll enjoy the impressive selection of content on this app. You can search for videos by a specific language or artist. Pick your favorite ASMRtist and receive new videos in real time. You can also exchange with other enthusiasts.
  • THE ASMR GAMER: The ASMR Gamer is known as a professional Youtuber in the ASMR community. To improve the communication with his subscribers, he decided to develop an application that will keep notify you instantly whenever a new post is up. You can also find links to its social networks, an interactive forum to exchange with other members . A list of all the previous recordings are also made on display on his channel.
  • ASMR PLAYER: This app is similar to Love ASMR except that it focuses more on triggering sounds. In other words, it offers a detailed list of sounds adapted to each earring. There are categories available that will highlight the most popular triggers. We love our “ASMR for you” section offers content that you may like based on what you’ve listened to before.
  • SLEEPER ASMR SOUNDS: Let’s finish this article with a simple and pleasant application. There is no artist in itself but only a selection of sounds and calming noises according to your preferences. If you like the sound of the rain hammering the window, the crackling of the fire or the sound of the faucet flowing … then you will find a multitude of choices online.

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