ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is technique of relaxation that has been around since the 2010s. Its popularity has been growing steadily every year. Even though it is a relatively new trend, it is a method that gathered a large fanbase and followers from all around the world. The purpose of the ASMR video is to relax people through a variety of tingling sounds that send shivers down your spine. ASMR videos can be found all over the internet and usually involves a host that will guide you and perform a lot of different sounds such as gentle murmurs, soothing hand gestures, nail scratching, tapping on surfaces, flipping books. The interlocutors also called as Youtubers have channels that will be updated every time they post a new video. You can also access their previous videos by scrolling their channel and select a specific video that suits your current needs. Thus, we compiled for you a selection of the 5 best ASMR videos out there that will  help you find sleep tonight or just relax.

Fight insomnia with ASMR Darling’s 100 triggers

ASMR Darling is probably one of the most famous in the scene right now. Her video has been viewed by 14 million people already and if you are scrolling through the comments, you will find the testimonies of those who found the video helpful. Insomnia is one of a modern illness that touches a high percentage of people regardless of race, sex or age. Life hassles have gotten overthinking that it’s impossible to fall asleep with ease. ASMR Darling spent 4 hours in the video using 100 different triggers that will lure into a deep state of trance and relaxation. She uses quite unusual objects such as party hats, Disney maps, Xbox controllers or a ukulele to reproduce peculiar but enchanting sounds. From the comfort of your bed, play the video, breathe deeply and lose yourself with ASMR Darling. Forget about your worries and let the sound of the scratching wooden figurine, tapping jars, folding and unfolding fake leaves on repeat, stirring water or the brushing of the camera be your lullabies for the night.

Repose your mind with Gentle Whispering ASMR

This channel is one of the pioneers in the field of 3D sounds ASMR videos. Her video has garnered more than 20 million views and counting. In this video she focuses on different relaxing sound effects. In this hectic life, it is rather important to take a rest from time to time and replenish our energy. This soothing video heals your median nerves and offers you a  15 minutes long adventure worth of intense thrills running through your head to your spine. The host uses the bristles a wooden brush to trigger relaxation. You can also close your eyes while she is delicately blowing the smokes from an oil warmer and let the sound loosen you up. In the video, she also performs a neck, scalp and temple massage using a gentle voice. The positive vibration is transmitting to you through her murmurs for a pleasant moment of delightful sensation. To induce your sleep quickly, she uses the technique of feather tickle and passes it all over the mic that captures the sound perfectly. You are not heavy anymore and ready to fell  in the arms of Morpheus .

Reconnect with your inner thanks to Pelagea ASMR

This particular video targets those who are dealing with depression and anxiety. Over the years, ASMR videos have made it a  priority of help vulnerable people who cannot cope with the harshness of the every-day life. With different mouth sounds such as murmuring or replicating the sound of kissing on her microphone , you will find comfort and relaxation. She also uses makeup brushes and repeatedly caresses the microphone with it. In addition you will find yourself immerse in an intense state of happiness with the variety of calming hand movements she is performing throughout the video. It’s not an easy task to fight against depression and anxiety but you can lessen it up with this video. Be at peace with yourself again !

Open up to tingles with ASMR Zeitgest

Even though ASMR  is a phenomenon that seduces pretty much everyone, you still have a handful of people immune to its benefits. While some people enjoy it, some, on the other hand, are unable to grasp the essence of the technique. This video will turn the most reluctant and insensitive one into an adept. With the help of a binaural microphone for an even higher sound quality, the host will induce a multitude of satisfying and relaxation inner sensations. You  only have to plug your headphones and drown yourself in ear cupping involving hands, latex gloves , tapping of lamp shades, beard scratching, ear massage or removal of black peel off mask and clay foam on the ear. After the video, you will not be stubborn anymore and be amazed by the ASMR healing power.

A virtual trip to the esthetician with ASMRrequest

The number of benefits from a face care at the local salon is not to be questioned anymore. However, it is now possible to receive the same benefits thanks to this ASMR video of this particular binaural role play video. The Youtuber is replicating the esthetician hand gestures by gently stroking the lens of the camera with tools like a facial brush, a face mask applicator, cotton pad. For even more pleasure, she depicts the action of putting eye lotion and softly performs a facial massage to help you reinvigorate and relax. A lot of triggers such as massage sounds, delicate tapping, lens touching or murmurs are being used so you are in for sweet treat as complete as a physical visit at the esthetician. The purpose of the video is to calm you down at any time of the day.

Whether you are an avid user or a newcomer, these ASMR videos have the power to recharge you if you are feeling drained out by the pressure of this life. It’s simple, just press the play button of the video, put your headphone and close your eyes. Enjoy !

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