ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a modern phenomenon. Althoug it is a very successful method, maybe people still remain indifferent . For the lucky and the most senstive folks , it can help induce sleep for the people who have trouble fighting insomnia. Some people feel thousands of thrills from the head down to the spine, others feel a tingling sensation or a state of transition.

To experience the sensations and fall asleep in the hands of Morpheus in a few minutes, the ASMR experts use unique auditory processes such as: whispers, murmurs, crackling, tapping or flipping pages … In any cases, these videos guarantee a total well-being.

Falling asleep thanks to the ASMR

The ASMR is a technique that promotes relaxation and can benefit insomniacs. Easy to understand, and especially without side effects, this method is accessible to all. It only takes few simple steps. You will only need to lie on your bed , launch YouTube and select the ASMR video of your choice to fall asleep. The testimonials are numerous, as it is the case of a person called Claire. According to her, watching a video even for about fifteen minutes would be enough to reduce her insomnia by half. And it’s not the only one, according to a survey, more than 80% of consumers use ASMR videos to sleep faster. Moreover, on YouTube, we will have access to multiple contents devoted to relaxation and the fight against insomnia.

ASMR: A safe sleeping pill

Patrick for example, a  fervent follower of ASMR discovered this practice a few years ago and confessed experiencing pleasant sensations in the skull and neck. He describes the ASMR as hypnotizing, which allows him to fall asleep more quickly. Once in bed he launches his favorite videos to relax and get some sleep. He then quotes “ In the start, I watched this type of videos to experience this famous cerebral orgasm! But the more I was watching and listening to them in the evening after work , the more I realized their actions as a real sleeping pill! “.

Isabelle stumbled upon the ASMR after reading an article on the web. She then discovered videos on YouTube with sounds she immediately adopted including whispers and repetitive sounds. She was looking at it to feel that pleasant feeling, but she never expected it would help her sleep like a dormouse. The ASMR thus relaxes to the point of luring insomniac people to a deep and quality sleep.

Transformation in the brain activity

The professionals in stress management are unanimous on this: the ASMR is essential for those who have trouble finding sleep. Indeed, viewing these videos generates a state of hypnosis, a physical and sensory stimulation through the binaural sound that restores natural listening in 3D. This sound is a gateway to the arms of Morpheus. The ASMR has an effect both in the brain and hormones because it decreases the level of cortisol, responsible for stress; increases serotonin or the hormone of happiness; and produces dopamine, for good mood and thus avoid depression.

Even though science is still struggling to have a hold on the concept of ASMR , the ASMR does provide beneficial effects for the body. It has some incredible healing virtues.

ASMR is a soothing technique that helps many people get back to sleep. Harmless means of relaxation, we invite you to test it at night, well installed in your bed!

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