The ASMR wants to be a new and infallible technique to relax. It is considered the ultimate anti-stress and can even cure other illnesses. The videos related to the ASMR are more and more frequent on the web. Its goal is to help with relaxation and fight against stress through sounds such as whispers, friction sounds or murmurs. While some people see ASMR as the ultimate way to recharge, forget the hassles of life and detoxify from dreading daily obligations, others are skeptical about its benefits and hence, not equally receptive. Let’s have a look at this trendy method!

A  very prevailing technique

The ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a method of relaxation that can combine both relaxation and pleasure at a time. Considered as a newly established hype on the web and  mainly on YouTube, this process shows ordinary people who film themselves in videos where we see them recording sounds like crumpled paper noises, pages of books that the we flip through, whispers or bubble wrap that we explode. Yes, it seems rather strange to you, but these unusual noises bring a lot of inexplicable good feelings and relaxation to some people. It appears that the sensations are somewhat similar to a cranial massage or tickling. They allow you to live in a deep state of mental and physical repose.

As Nyxia testifies, ASMRtist with now more than 5000 subscribers: “From the first minutes, I felt chills in the neck and I was totally relaxed after only 2 minutes” . There are a multitude of testimonies that will provide some insight for those who are still hesitating. Flo, another YouTubeur expressed himself on this subject by confessing that the ASMR, causes brain orgasms, able to reduce stress and anxiety. He describes this method as a soft sensation and vibratory waves in the skull!

Is the ASMR effective or not against stress ?

ASMR’s talking videos are numerous and encounter a truly growing success. Internet users are unanimous when it comes to its enjoyment and do not hesitate to testify to their experiences on a daily basis. Very relaxing, the ASMR can cure some ailments apart from stress including insomnia, anxiety, or lack of concentration. Accessible to everyone, this relaxation technique requires very little time. Wherever you are, you can spend a few minutes to give yourself to the ASMR .

However, this method does not work on all people. Some might perceive it as unusual, bizarre and uncomfortable and people only agree to disagree. Scientifically speaking, it is difficult to explain why some people are sensitive to its sounds while others are totally reluctant to what the ASMR can provide. Until now, it is not yet possible to prove that it is really effective. But when we read the testimonials on the web, we can see that its effects are indeed present. According to the statements, once tested, we cannot go a day without its magnificent virtues especially around sleeping time. Those who are trying to combat insomnia find it actually hard to go to bed without ASMR videos which became essential in their life. It is being said that it is possible to fall asleep quicker with some ASMR videos.

Highly stressed people at first doubted this method. By the time they have first tried to listen to ASMR videos with a headset they have entered a sort of trance with chills running their whole body. This is to explain to you how much the ASMR offers significant sensations of intensity.

Find ASMR videos

If you too want to test this new anti-stress method, then you will find many content on the web. YouTube or SoundCloud are some of the most popular platforms. For free, you will be able to test the effectiveness of the ASMR. All you need is to choose a quiet place, plug in your headphones for a near-perfect sound and start your video. Pass the recordings until you find the one that will make you relax. The choices are many: tapping, whispers, whispers … Feel free to try!

Thus, the ASMR is perceived as an infallible technique to fight against stress. In full expansion, you will only find the video that will suit you!

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