What is ASMR ?

Do you want to feel good,  gently relax and especially experience something new? ASMR could be the new trendsetting method you need. The ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response offers tingling and chills in certain sensitive areas of the body, on the scalp or skull. It is also reffered as Automatic Response Sensory Meridians. These areas respond to stimuli, whether visual, cognitive, auditory or olfactory. All the senses are boiled in order to provide an unprecedented well-being to each person initiated.

If you have a problem with sleep, stress management or concentration, the ASMR can help you because it helps to fight against all these problems.

A brief presentation on the ASMR technique

The ASMR is a natural and especially involuntary reaction of the human body to different stimuli. Although it was launched in the United States since the late 2000s, it reached its popularity peek in 2010, with extensive studies in 2014 alone. These shivers that run through the head and the rest of the body have never really been studied until people decided to record videos of them, performing gestures to offer orgasmic sounds! Yes, we talk about “cerebral orgasm” because the ASMR causes chills on the scalp, which can extend to the neck and the skull. Those pleasant sensations felt by most people can unfortunately go under the radar for some insensitive folks. Indeed, these sounds can quickly become irritant to the ears of some people.

In all cases, these triggers can be presented in various ways: napkins on various supports, murmurs , whispers, crumpled paper, filtered light, tearing of certain materials …

The ASMR is yet to be elucidated. This is a phenomenon that scientists find it difficult to explain because there has never been a proven relationship between sound and the pleasure experienced when one hears it. Some have thought of the release of chemicals like serotonin and oxytocin; others to small convulsions by distinct stimuli.

The effects of ASMR

The ASMR is meant to be a widespread practice in today’s society. It is mostly used to help you relax and fall asleep quickly. It is even being given a lot of amazing virtues for the management of stress and the relief of certain stages of depression. In addition, it can help fight some chronic pain and bring sensations of well-being. In any case, the ASMR thus provides relaxation and incomparable pleasure. The duration of  does not impact the quality of your ASMR sessions. You will take advantage of all the benefits during a short of long session . Of course, there are other methods of relaxation such as yoga or meditation but the ASMR requires no effort in particular. With your smartphone and headset, you can select the video of your choice at any time of the day.

To sum up , we can say that the ASMR:

  • Soothes the body: videos are relaxing and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates stress. A session is therefore regenerative for the body.
  • Soothes the targeted organs, to fight against various disorders.
  • Brings a new vision of life because the brain is put at rest and releases all the accumulated stress.
  • Help insomniacs to have a better sleep.

What’s the point of the ASMR?

On specialized platforms like YouTube for example, the user will have access to a multitude of videos. The most sensitive will be delighted to have access to two kinds of videos:

Stages where we are faced with an imaginary and calming situations such as a massage of hands, ears or skull. The user will enjoy face care sessions, thorough medical examinations, blow drying. In short, situations that can provide sensations of genuine happiness and intense thrills throughout the body.

Recordings focused on noises such as rubbing, bubble wrap, manipulation of various objects, whispers, repetitive noises from the tongue and mouth or scratches.

What to compare ASMR to?

The ASMR is first compared to a flooding sensation of intense feelings. Indeed, according to psychologists, the ASMRtists are deeply absorbed in their activities. This state of intense concentration is felt by the viewer, which allows him to fully enjoy the delightful virtues of the ASMR.

It is also a state of meditation because the spectators focus on the positive emotions generated by the stimuli, in a calm and relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

The ASMR is also compared to a virtual hug or a massage. Endorphins, serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin are good chemicals released by the brain to provide similar comfort and happiness throughout the entire body .

Finally, a Canadian study has shown that ASMR is a musical thrill and that if we listen to a song that touches us, our brain releases dopamine.

In short, we can say that the ASMR is a modern and revolutionary relaxation technique. It is dedicated to positive actions including positive sleep and various other disorders such as lack of concentration or stress. It’s an easy and free method that does not require any particular learning! To test urgently!